Animal/Bird/Butterfly/Dragonfly Jewelry Designs

Show off your favorite animals with animal jewelry, including bird jewelry and equine jewelry.

Animal & Bird Jewelry

Jewelry featuring animals and birds is very popular in Odessa, TX. Many pet owners in the Permian Basin love to show their appreciation for animals with jewelry. Some of the nicest designs feature birds like peacocks. One of the great things about wearing animal jewelry with crystal elements is the fact that it is perfect for all occasions in Odessa, TX and throughout the world.

Butterfly & Dragonfly Jewelry

Butterflies are a beloved symbol of hope, and people in Odessa, TX love dragonflies for their symbolism of self-realization. Although traditionally a spring symbol, necklaces and other jewelry featuring these popular winged creatures are suitable for the entire year in West Texas. Within Christianity, butterflies are especially popular as a symbol of the Resurrection. Our Odessa, TX necklaces fit most adults and offer a 15 to 20″ length for most non-chokers.

Equine Jewelry
Equine or horse jewelry is a great gift for horse lovers everywhere. If you have horses or just love their grace and beauty, this West Texas jewelry is a beautiful addition to your collection. You’ll enjoy the classic look that goes with virtually any dress or business casual outfit in your wardrobe. Wear the jewelry to the racetrack, horse show or anywhere you want and you’re sure to create a good impression! These necklaces fit most adults, with average lengths of 15 to 20 inches.